SS Aidan & Oswald's Roman Catholic School

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Prayer, Worship and Celebration

SS Aidan and Oswald’s uses the 4 pillars of prayer to ensure that the children’s experiences are wide and varied. These are the saying prayer, doing prayer, thinking prayer and being prayer. As well as saying the traditional prayers, the children are provided with opportunities to actively pray through prayer stations in which the parents are also invited to participate in. The study of Sacred Scripture (Lectio Divina) allow the children to interpret the teachings of Jesus into their own lives. In school, we ask parents, carers and family members to join us in the range of opportunities. Many of the experiences that we provide in prayer support the children’s journey in faith in other religions. We also attend monthly Masses, which parents, carers and family members are more than welcome to attend.

As a school we are also committed to mindfulness and meditation to support the spiritual and emotional development of the children; this takes places on a weekly basis across the whole of the school. In Year 3, the children can take part in the Sacramental Programme, to continue with their faith journey. As a school, we recognise that we are all special and unique; we celebrate our differences and individual identity, and the different religions that some of our pupils follow, by learning about world faiths. The children are fortunate enough to learn from other pupils, who follow different religions, and other religious leaders who come into school to share their faith journeys with our children.

The Christmas and Easter celebrations are enhanced with the Christmas play (performed by the children in Nursery / Reception and KS1) and the Passion play (performed by the children in Years 3 and 4), helping the children to understand these important events in the liturgical year. Each year group also performs a year group assembly, in church; parents, carers and family members are invited to join in with these celebrations.