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Curriculum Statement

The Curriculum at St Aidan & Oswald’s 


Our Mission Statement states that we remember we are special by-


“…learning and developing as a whole person and in all areas of the curriculum, using my talents in the best way I can.”


As a staff team, we have worked hard to develop a curriculum offer that satisfies this mission. We strive to provide learning experiences across the school that are fun, engaging and purposeful. Our curriculum has been carefully planned to ensure breadth, balance and progression and is part of our endeavour towards greater excellence, providing a framework for each child to be challenged to reach their full potential. This was recognised in our most recent Ofsted inspection in 2019:


Teachers have designed the activities well to make the children think and to learn in fun ways.”


The curriculum is not narrowed in Year 6 to focus on English and mathematics.”


The children study a wide range of subjects as reflected in the National Curriculum and these are often taught via topics which may bring together skills and subject content in a cross curricular way. However, the children are always fully aware of what subject or subjects they are studying each lesson. The areas of English (reading, writing and GPS), maths, and science are prioritised, with special emphasis given to Religious Education.


As we now work in mixed aged classes in Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2, the staff have devised a learning journey for science and the foundation subjects that runs on a two-year cycle.  Subject leaders have carefully mapped out topics to ensure the children in Years 1-4 have full access to the National Curriculum, whilst ensuring their learning is progressive.


Teachers use these learning journeys as a long term overview but plan on a shorter term level to ensure that all teaching is reflective of the children’s progress, attainment and interests. Much work is done to develop the learning culture of the school, thinking particularly about the characteristics of effective learning, mental health and emotional wellbeing.


We will continue to develop and improve our curriculum offer in response to research, educational developments and, most importantly, the needs of our children.


If you have any questions regarding our curriculum offer, please contact Miss Halley.