SS Aidan & Oswald's Roman Catholic School

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Roman Road, Royton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL2 5PQ

0161 652 2558

Mission Statement and Ethos

It is the Mission of SS AIDAN AND OSWALD’S as a Catholic school to

Make each day a special day by

  • making everyone smile through our thoughts, words and actions
  • celebrating faith through prayer, worship, stillness and reflection
  • celebrating success
  • giving my very best, with a delight for learning something new
  • knowing that what we create today can make tomorrow’s world a better place
  • valuing friendship
  • recognising that each day is a new start
  • recognising the grace, beauty and wonder around me

Have a special place at the heart of our community by

  • knowing that our community can be class, school, parish, local, national and global
  • helping to build friendships through the communities we belong to
  • looking for opportunities to praise God together in our communities
  • ensuring that our school is a place where visitors receive the warmest welcome and feel valued and respected
  • being good stewards of God’s creation through caring for our environment
  • being charitable - we know that other people’s lives can be different from our own
  • having peace alive within ourselves so that we can reach out to others with the message of peace
  • understanding what trust means

Remember that I am special by

  • knowing that my talents are a gift from God and he expects me to use them fully to make the world a better place
  • knowing that Jesus is my friend on my journey of faith
  • understanding that I am made in the image and likeness of God, and he loves me more than I can know
  • being a person who follows the ways of Jesus through compassion, respect, forgiveness and love
  • being a good independent worker
  • being creative and using my initiative
  • keeping myself safe and healthy
  • by making good choices so that I can set a good example to others

See other people as special by

  • knowing that we are all God’s children and he loves us all equally
  • being good listeners, thoughtful, considerate and patient
  • having respect for each other and celebrating our differences
  • encouraging others to become better in everything they do and being quick to say ‘well done’
  • being a good team worker
  • valuing and supporting individuals and their families
  • knowing how to help others when they are in trouble
  • trying to love others as I love myself